What if Iran…

…was once the Persian Empire, which was the world’s first empire and united 40% of the world’s population in peace, where all people had equal personal and religious freedoms 500 B.C.?

…had a very modern, democratically elected Prime Minister in the 1950s, who was overthrown by the US and UK to the long-term detriment of the Iranian people?

…has one of the world’s highest ski resorts, and you could ski between November and April near the capital, Tehran?

…is the place where you could visit the world’s largest water cave?

…is a multilingual nation, where people of many ethnicities consider themselves “one people”?

…has a woman CEO heading its national airline, who is planning to modernise the flagship carrier?

…has the largest Jewish community outside Israel in the Middle East?

…is a country in which apps are used so frequently nowadays that people even order their breakfast bread with mobile apps?

…is where the world renowned Beluga caviar comes from?

…is where the highest volcano of Asia stands?